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I Remember Mama (2021)

Our 27th Year!
Mother’s Day is May 9, 2021

OVER 2,500 Mother’s Day Cards were delivered to senior women living in nursing homes on Mother’s Day Weekend 2020.


It has been over a year since the women in our local care facilities have been able to visit with their families and friends, even other residents.  Seniors wonder “when” this pandemic will end.  They fear that the time they have left will be spent in isolation.

For the last 27 years, Alliance on Aging has recognized these ladies with our I Remember Mama fundraiser on Mother’s Day.  Volunteers from the community made personalized Mother’s Day cards with fun, loving, and hopeful messages that will be delivered to these ladies on their special day.  The cards bring smiles and tears of joy and remind senior women living in nursing homes that they have not been forgotten.

Help us put a smile on the face of a very grateful lady!

The MAMA event supports our Ombudsman program which ensures the safety and welfare of seniors living in long-term care facilities.

What is the MAMA Program? Our 2021 Campaign.

The MAMA event support the important work of the Ombudsman Program.  The program advocates for the best possible care for seniors living in nursing homes and residential care facilities.  The Ombudsman has been providing services since 1980 to the 2,200 long-term care residents in Monterey County.

Why Is the Ombudsma n Program Important to the Community?

Trained Ombudsmen make regular, unannounced visits to senior living facilities to meet with the residents and observe the patterns of care.  Through their visits, the Ombudsmen get to know the residents and work with them and/or family members if there are concerns or complaints about the care at the facility, such as:  inadequate care, problems with roommates or family members, physical and financial abuse and many more.

What Does an “Ombudsman” Do?

For many residents living in senior long-term care facilities, Ombudsman may be their only visitor from outside the facility. The Ombudsman serves as an advocate on behalf of the resident’s concerns.  The Ombudsman works with the facility staff to resolve issues and when necessary, refers issues or potential regulatory violations to Community Care Licensing which is the state regulator.

How to Volunteer?

  • Volunteers are urgently needed for the Ombudsman program. If you are interested in making an impact in the lives of seniors in your community, you can volunteer as an Ombudsman.  Extensive training will be provided by the Alliance on Aging staff.

DONATION:  Click on the button below.


$35   donation    | $ 105   donation
$70   donation    | $ 140   donation

You can send your donations to: 247 Main St., Salinas, CA 93901.

Questions?  Contact: Wanda Pan-Christiansen: