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As a community leader and advocate, the Alliance on Aging provides services and resources that address the challenges and opportunities of aging

 50 Years of Service

2020 is very special for Alliance on Aging as we celebrate 50 years of service to Older Adults in Monterey County.  Our story began when a concerned citizen offered a ride to an older woman who was struggling to cross the street in Pacific Grove. She had an armful of grocery bags which he discovered were filled with boxes of corn flakes. She told him they were all she could carry and she was not able to drive any longer. He shared his story with friends and soon a vision for the Alliance on Aging emerged. So many people have been part of this legacy of service over the years; hundreds of staff and volunteers, our donors and partners in senior service and of course the seniors we have had the privilege to serve. Alliance on Aging will be celebrating its Golden Anniversary throughout the year in many ways. We will be inviting you to join us.  It has been said that 2020 can be a year for clarity; for 20/20 vision as we move forward as an organization, as individuals and as a community. We are counting on that!




Having trouble remembering things? Alliance on Aging’s Senior Peer Counseling Consultant, Nan Heflin, LMFT, is here to help. She will help you understand the normal changes in memory and how to use specific exercises to compensate for changes. You will learn the difference between age associated memory loss and memory impairment that calls for further exploration. To register, call (831) 655-1334.  Click here for more info.

  • DATE: Wed, Feb 12 (11:30AM – 12:30pm_–brown bag lunch
  • PLACE: Alliance on Aging, 247 Main St., Salinas (in Old Town)

TRASHION SHOW (February 20, 2020

Tickets on sale now!  The fun and fabulous Trashion Show returns to South County for the fifth year.  This unique fashion show transforms everyday trash—coffee bags, papers, candy wrappers and more into one-of-a-kind dresses worthy of New York’s fashion runways.  This year’s show will feature a new theme—Mardi Gras–a new half-time performance, a new raffle drawing with great prizes and over 20 creative dresses.  Come see what all the excitement is all about while helping raise funds for the Alliance on Aging.

EVENT:  Thursday, February 20th @ 11:30am (Salinas Valley Fairgrounds, King City)

COST:  $ 70 per person.  Tables of 8 are available.  Call (831) 655-7559.



It’s tax time. Need to get your taxes done?  Alliance on Aging can help. We are offering FREE income tax preparation for seniors at the following locations (English and Spanish).  Taxes are prepared on a first come, first served basis.Questions?  Please call Aurora (831) 646-5049 for more appointments.  BY APPOINTMENTS ONLY at the following locations:

  • (CARMEL):  Carmel Foundation (Wed & Fri)
  • (MONTEREY): Monterey Senior Center (Mon & Wed)  and Tues 2/19 only.
  • (PACIFIC GROVE):  Sally Griffin Active Living Center (Thurs & Fri)
  • (MARINA): Marina Library (Tues & Wed) with the exception of 2/19.
  • (CASTROVILLE):  Castroville Library (Wednesdays)
  • (GREENFIELD):  Greenfield Library (Thursdays)
  • (SALINAS):  Various locations.  Tues, Wed, Friday
  • WALK-IN ONLY (SEASIDE): Oldemeyer Center, Wed & Thurs. (9:00am – 1:00pm)

For more information about dates, time and locations, please CLICK HERE.

TAX PREP:  FEB 24 (Salinas)

Need to get your taxes done?  Our tax counselors can help you at NO COST.  Please bring your tax returns, a photo ID, social security card, Form W-2 “wage & tax statement”, forms 1099 and related items.  Call Aurora (831) 646-5049 to schedule your appointment.  For more info, please click here.

  • Date:  Monday, Feb 24
  • Place:  American Legion Post #31 (14 West Laurel Dr., Salinas)
  • Time:  9:00am-1:00pm

Senior Luncheon: Wed, March 11

Meet new friends at our monthly community luncheon.  Our senior luncheon takes place on the first Tuesday of each month at Saint Ansgar’s Lutheran Church–72 East San Joaquin St., Salinas, CA.  Lunch ($10 donationis served at 12 noon and includes lunch, dessert and your choice of beverage.  A NO COST produce market is open to luncheon attendees from 10:00–11:30 am.  Question? Call (8331) 655-1334.  Click here for the winter menu.

  • Due to Election Day, luncheon has been moved to Wed, March 11.


Medicare costs and prescription drug plans change every year.  Come join us and learn about Part A, Part B, Part D, Advantage Plans, Supplemental Plans, penalties, low income assistance programs and more!

  • Wed, Mar 25 @ 6:00pmCARMEL.  Harrison Memorial Library (Ocean Ave. & Lincoln)m Carmel-by-the-Sea.  Questions?  Call (831) 655-1334 or click here.

 THANK YOU:  $31,517

Thank you for helping us achieve our goal.  Our big idea for this year’s Monterey Gives! campaign is to provide online video tutorials (in English and Spanish) to simplify program information so that SENIORS can understand and use the very programs that would benefit them, such as Medicare.  We are very grateful for your support.  You helped us raise $31, 517!  Thank you again for your support.



Alliance on Aging is proud to announce a NEW service to seniors who needs transportation assistance.  We will provide a ONE-ON-ONE personalized plan that will help seniors with their transportation needs–from doctor’s appointments to shopping for groceries and more.  For more details, please click here or call Maribel at (831) 646-5048.  For South County residence:  Maribel will be available to meet with you every second Thursday of the month in Soledad and Greenfield.  Click her for more info in ENGLISH or SPANISH.


Calresh provides you with healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and more each month.  Want to know more about the program?  Call Reyna Gross at (831) 655-7562.  Ms Gross can help you determine if you are eligible and fill out an application.  If approved, you will receive an EBT card by mail within 30 days.