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Tax Counseling


What to Bring to your Tax Appointment Click Here

Tax Intake Form   Click Here

Alliance on Aging will start preparing Taxes at the following 2 sites

between the hours of 9 am to 2:30  on the following days

June 14th
July 12th
August 9th
 Meals on Wheels Monterey Peninsula  (in person)
700 Jewell Ave, Pacific Grove 93950
AoA drop off – come back in an hour.
236 Monterey St Salinas 93901

We’re taking appointments now – complete an online request or call our office to schedule!

Our Tax Counseling for the Elderly program is staffed by volunteers who are IRS-certified and want to make a difference in our community. They are reliable and trusted source for preparing tax returns. Alliance on Aging’s volunteers who prepare returns must take and pass tax law training that meets or exceeds IRS standards. This training includes maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of all taxpayer information. In addition to requiring volunteers to certify their knowledge of the tax laws, the IRS requires a quality review check for every return prepared prior to filing.

 Call us at (831) 655-1334 or (831) 758-4011

  • Our  program serves people age 60 years & older.
  • Tax assistance is provided at no cost, in English and in Spanish.

Heads-up….thousands of people have lost millions of dollars and their personal information to tax scams. Scammers use the regular mail, telephone, or email to set up individuals, businesses, payroll and tax professionals. 

The IRS doesn’t initiate contact with taxpayers by email, text messages or social media channels to request personal or financial information. Recognize the telltale signs of a scam. See also: How to know it’s really the IRS calling or knocking on your door.

Here are a few things that people can do with a quick visit to


Filing a tax return
Taxpayers who earned $72,000 or less in 2022 can file for their taxes using free brand-name tax software with IRS Free File.  People who earned more and want to do their own taxes can use Free File Fillable FormsThese are the electronic version of IRS paper forms. Either way, everyone has a free electronic filing option.

View federal tax information online
Taxpayers can go to and securely access information about their federal taxes. They can access their tax records, review their payment history, and view tax return information for the current year’s tax return as originally filed.

Get answers to tax questions
The Interactive Tax Assistant tool can help taxpayers get answer many tax questions.


The Alliance on Aging’s Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) Program has been serving clients since 1980. Our IRS-certified staff and volunteers operate the program  each tax season, and help clients with “off-season” inquiries and tax issues.

Eligibility and assistance:

  • Aged 60-plus, blind, or disabled
  • Low to moderate income
  • NO COST tax filing assistance with federal and state tax forms
  • Counseling is conducted individually and confidentially
  • Services are provided in English and Spanish
  • Appointments are available at sites throughout the county

What do I bring to my appointment?

  • Form W-2 “Wage and Tax Statement”
  • Form 1099 for such things as dividends, distributions from pensions, annuities, I.R.A., sale of stocks, etc.
  • A photo ID
  • Your Social Security Card
  • Your prior year tax returns

For questions about your taxes, contact Tax Program Coordinator at 831.655.1334.


Want to make a difference in a seniors life?  Become a TAX VOLUNTEER.  Each year, AOA partners with the IRS and the CA Franchise Tax Board to provide FREE, no cost tax assistance to hundreds of Monterey County seniors.  Interested?

Additional Resources:

It’s time for paycheck checkup.  Get tax help from the IRS site withholding for the following :

Following tax law changes, you should do a paycheck checkup using the IRS’s Withholding Calculator and, if necessary, complete a new  W-4 form. The calculator helps determine the right amount of withholding.

You should check if you:

  • Are a two-income family.
  • Have two or more jobs at the same time or only work part of the year.
  • Claim credits like the child tax credit.
  • Have dependents age 17 or older.
  • Itemized deductions in 2022.
  • Have high income or a complex tax return.
  • Have a large tax refund or tax bill for 2022.

More IRS Helpful Info

Retirees can avoid surprise tax bills by adjusting the tax taken out of pension payments; A #PaycheckCheckup with the #IRS Withholding Calculator can help:

Retired? Make sure you’re paying in enough tax for 2022 by using the #IRS Withholding Calculator to do #PaycheckCheckup now.

With tax reform changes, #IRS urges retirees to do #PaycheckCheckup make sure they are paying in enough tax during the year.

The #IRS Withholding Calculator can help those who receive pension or annuity payments on a regular schedule perform a #PaycheckCheckup to avoid a surprise tax bill.

Retirees receiving pensions or annuities: Visit #IRS Withholding Calculator to do a #PaycheckCheckup to avoid surprise tax bills.

If you’re retired use the #IRS Withholding Calculator to see that you’re paying the right amount after tax reform. #PaycheckCheckup.

Why Choose Direct Deposit?
Social Security and Your Taxes

U.S. Internal Revenue Service
California Franchise Tax Board