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logo hub

              Welcome to the HUB

The HUB welcomes seniors and their families to their location at 236 Monterey St. in Salinas located behind the current Alliance on Aging offices.  Under the umbrella of the Alliance on Aging, the HUB offers access to services, resources, and enrichment opportunities geared to seniors of all ages. The HUB embodies the “no wrong door” model of service that is comprehensive, inclusive and promotes aging with dignity. Six senior partners (listed below) along with Alliance on Aging provide services on site at the HUB. Many other senior providers from the private, public and non-profit sector offer activities, information and educational resources in the Community Room and State of the Art Conference Room. The Internet Café is a place to meet for coffee, a chat or get technology training on your PC, laptop, iPad or cell phone.

Local HUB Partners

HUB Calendar of Events

November 2023 – Every Tuesday and Friday – Connecting Seniors with Technology   Click Here   Click Here

November 2023 – Every 2nd and 4th Thursday – Market Day Click Here 

November 16, 2023 – Thanksgiving Market Day – Click Here

November 2023 – “Healthy Mind, Healthy Body” Cooking/Nutrition Class with Chef Gundega

Click Here

November 2023 – Sharing Movies – Click Here

November 2023 – Supervised BridgeClick Here

November 2023 – Learn to Play the UkuleleClick Here

November 2023 – This One is for Men – Click Here

November 2023 – Age Well Drive Smart – Click Here

November 15, 2023 – Planning for Healthy Holidays – Click Here

Address: 236 Monterey St.  (access from Monterey St. Parking lot across from Growers Pub.)

Phone:  831-758-4011 or  831-655-1334

Hours:  Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm