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Welcome to Spirals in Pacific Grove!


Given the recent surge in COVID cases, the Alliance on Aging’s Spirals Benefit Shop, will no longer be accepting donations or consignments until further notice.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but rest assure that our priority is to ensure the safety and health of our shoppers and those who consigned their goods to the store.  Come and visit Spirals for your holiday shopping needs.  Our store hours are listed below.  Face mask is required.

  • Store hours:  Tues-Sat, 10:00am-4:00pm.
  • CLOSED:  Mondays and Sundays.
  • Want to see our merchandise?  Check out the photos below.

We thank you for being our loyal customer.

We are located at:

570 Lighthouse Avenue
Pacific Grove 93950
(831) 383-5030

Look for us under the bright blue awning.

Click for map & directions to Spirals


Why Shop at Spirals?

  • All purchases support the Alliance on Aging
  • Spirals promotes environmentally-friendly practices
  • Discover unique items and your favorite designer labels, all while supporting a good cause
  • Earn money by consigning your gently used items
  • Help Support the Mission

Where Do You Get All This Great Stuff?

At Spirals, this is a question we hear every single day. So, we thought it might be of interest to you to learn where this stuff does come from and help you think of some things to facilitate your own wishes to downsize.

Borrowing from author Marni Jameson, “Parents of grown children, please sit down with a sobering cup of black coffee. I have some harsh news for you. Your kids don’t want your stuff. It’s not that they don’t love you. They don’t love your furniture, the china hutch, the collectible figurines . . . all those family treasures may hold many precious moments for you, but for your kids, not so much.”

It has nothing to do with monetary value, or even family history. Here at Spirals, we could probably start a support group for all the people who are facing this same dilemma of what to do with the 12-place settings of china or the antique furniture.  Jameson suggests asking your kids and your friends what they want and getting rid of the rest. “Your kids want to create their own lives. The line between bestow and burden is blurry. They don’t need your furniture to hold you in their heart. Give them the gift of freedom”.

That’s where Spirals and similar stores fit in. Donate your treasures.and know that the proceeds go to a worthy cause. Whether you are the parent who is downsizing, or the child cleaning out your parents’ house, give someone else a chance to provide a new home to these former gems. Remember, one person’s junk becomes another person’s treasure. And on behalf of Spirals, thank you for the continuous supply of stuff.

Hopefully your donation of stuff will offer you a gift of freedom. And if parting with your things is still difficult, an enlightening and entertaining book to read is The Stuff Cure by Dr. Betty Sproule.



Click here for a list of Brands We Do Not Accept

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