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I Remember Mama . . . and Papa!

Bringing Smiles to Women in Senior Care Facilities on
Mother’s Day Weekend (May 13-14, 2017)

What Is I Remember Mama?

Each Mother’s Day, volunteers from Monterey County deliver over 1,200 beautiful flowering plants to women living in over 70 nursing homes and senior assisted living facilities for the “I Remember Mama” event.

This event has brightened the lives of senior women for 22 years.

For many women living in senior homes, Mother’s Day can be an especially lonely occasion. “I Remember Mama” has changed that. Community volunteers, including the Seaside firemen, have graciously donated their valuable time to bring a smile to these women’s lives.

Also, Don’t Forget: I Remember Papa!

This year we will be honoring the gentlemen living in senior facilities with “I Remember Papa”. As with Mama, our volunteers will visit each of the senior care facilities, but this time, it will be on Father’s Day weekend. Instead of flowers, these “papas” will receive a baseball cap, a card and a hug from our volunteers.

Why Contribute?

Your contribution to “I Remember Mama or “I Remember Papa” supports the important work of the Alliance on Aging Ombudsman program.

The Ombudsman program, which has served the Monterey County since 1980, advocates for the safety and quality of care of seniors living in long-term care facilities. Ombudsmen advocate for seniors by conducting regular on-site visits to facilities and making themselves available to residents who may be victims of neglect or abuse or violations of their rights. Additionally, Ombudsmen investigate complaints and help to resolve them.

The lack of state regulatory oversight in residential care makes the work of the Ombudsmen even more significant given the increasing number of seniors in nursing homes.

Just $35 will buy a flowering plant for a senior woman on Mother’s Day or $25 for a baseball cap for a gentleman on Father’s Day.  A card with your name on it or in honor/memory of a special someone will accompany each plant. Please help us make 2016 the most successful year for “I Remember Mama and Papa”.

Click the button below to make a donation online:Rocket Farms


$35 = 1 plant    | $ 105 = 3 plants
$70 = 2 plants  | $ 140 = 4 plants

To mail your donation and/or to make a recurring donation, download a Donation Form  ( MAMA ) or ( PAPA ) and mail to: 247 Main St., Salinas, CA 93901.

For more information, call Wanda Pan-Christiansen at 831.655.7564.